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Achieve that Simple Design That POPS with Contrast (5 of 8)

"Veggi-ta-a-a-les, Veggi-ta-a-a-les, VEGG-EEE-TALES!" 

What do Bob and Larry, Batman and Robin, and Wret and Link all have in common with effective Package Design? 

Let's face it, fat and skinny, black and yellow, tall and short make each duo memorable. But why? 

In a word, CONTRAST.  

Think of wearing a red shirt with orange pants. Why doesn't this typically work?

It doesn't work because they're too similar on the color wheel! They are devoid of Contrast. Check out these contrasting colors with orange:

The principle of contrast works with ANY design element:

Remember our discussion about Visual Language, Readability and Hierarchy? We use Contrast to make these things happen. For example, which of these are more Readable? 

It's the Contrasting color that makes it POP

If you're in the trenches of trying to make that simple design that POPS, think Contrast! 

Using two script fonts together? Make one sans serif! 

Is your logo the same size as your title? Make one of them much larger!

Yellow lettering on a gray watermark? Make the background much darker!

Contrast is what makes it possible to use elements together in your Package or Brand Design, and yet, make them really POP

So how do you know if you're using enough contrast?

Ask yourself, "Does my Package Design use opposites?" 

  • Black vs. white

  • Thick vs. thin

  • Large vs. small

  • Serif vs. sans serif, etc

Or, consider the Yin & Yang. It's one of the most basic examples of Contrast.

Ask yourself, "Does my Package Design utilize Contrast like a Yin & Yang?" 

Contrast in design is like two magnets pulling together because of opposite charges.

When properly leveraging Contrast:

  • Your Package and Brand Design will be more unified

  • Your Branding message will be clearer

  • Your target audience will understand more

In essence, your Package and Brand Design will simply be more effective!

Yet to come in this Simple-Design-that-POPS series is how to use Repetition, Alignment and Proximity. Until then, happy Design and Marketing! 

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