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Achieve that Simple Design That POPS with Repetition (6 of 8)

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Are you an intolerant person? Uhhhh, what does this have to do with Package Design and Branding? Keep reading :) There’s definitely a connection here… 

We’ve talked a lot about leveraging design principles such as Readability and Hierarchy as they relate to a singular design. Today, let’s zoom out and consider the bigger picture:  

What makes a Product Family or Brand Design harmonize as a whole? The Design Principle of Repetition is absolutely key.

Design Repetition simply reuses design elements consistently. It may be applied to any design feature or element:  


Font (alliterations too!) 

Image Style

Notice how each iteration is unique and yet it appears they “go together.”  

The Principle of Contrast allows for a great amount of diversity and the Design Repetition parameters unify all three expressions into a cohesive “family”.  

Back to the part about being intolerant.  

Using Design Repetition means you'll have to reject, or say "NO," to divergent uses of the same element.

Notice what happens when we break from our Design Repetition “language”:  

Yes, it’s a Zebra, and maybe even a fun one, but… 

If you’re in any position of leadership, I would hope you’d be advocating for a big, fat “NO” for this 3D cartoon of a zebra. “Design hodgepodge”, which dilutes Branding Design Language, crops up when we forget all about the awesome principal of Design Repetition. 

Effective Design Repetition: 

  • Defines the design "family"

  • Establishes the Design Language, or style

  • Drives predictability & familiarity (brand recognition) 

So, Why do some Package Designs seem to just POP as individual products, and yet look fabulous next to “product siblings”? Most likely someone knows how to wield Design Repetition!  

And since Design Repetition promotes predictability, the target market grows comfortable with and even begins to look for your brand. SCORE!

Let me ask you this:  

  • Does your package design all “Go Together”, or is it a hodgepodge? 

  • Does your package design “go with” your website? 

  • How about your Amazon graphics? 

  • Or your Tradeshow Booth? 


Don’t allow “hodgepodge” design creep. Whatever the design language… 

REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT for all your branding design assets. Then, sit back and expect greater brand recognition and effectiveness.

Stay tuned! Up next…the Design Principle of Proximity.

This series at a glance:

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