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Why Don’t I set New Year’s Resolutions? Monkeys…

I mean, you’ve done it. I’ve done it — setting a Resolution and tasting bitter defeat…nothing changed. Why??? If I had to guess, you have some things you’d like to be different in 2018, but how can we actually change?

Setting a New Year’s Resolution is not the way.

Let me explain (Monkeys), and then, tell you how I realized many of my life goals (such as starting and maintaining a viable Graphic Design and Consulting business for over 7 years).

Are you ready?

On January 1, 2017 I sat down and made a list. Three examples:

*Start Bass Guitar Lessons

*Teach kids how to work out

*Start a Co-working space and move my office

So far, I’d simply visualized the future, which is absolutely key.

But visualizing alone WILL NOT help you change.

That’s why New Year’s Resolutions don’t work. They visualize the future (needed for change) and stop there. We need another ingredient because humans are incredibly adept at forgetting.

“Why am I running at 6am when I could be in my toasty bed!” Something was lost between the moment you decided to start that new plan and when you decided it sucks. We forget.


First, inside are two little competing beings fighting for control (No, not a devil and angel). There’s a Monkey and an Einstein. No, really, one runs around in circles and never gets anything done, except watching Youtube for 3 hours straight at work. That’s your Monkey. It has no reasoning ability whatsoever. Savings - gone. That entire box of Oreos - bring it. All Lost episodes at once - check (Why did Lost end that way????).

Then there’s your Einstein. He reasons. He plans. He saves ahead. Your Einstein is smart. He reads, works out, gets adequate sleep…and refrains from screaming at the teenager who refuses to make her bed.

We forget when our Monkey starts running the show. Thoughtless, careless and irresponsible - the Monkey has us forget our vision. Fortunately, we are not our Monkeys (or Einsteins). We can choose to put Einstein in charge first by reminding ourselves of our vision.

I literally have a recurring iPhone reminder to review my 2018 goals and aspirations 1x/week. And the truth is that some things change while others don’t. In 2017, I did not start bass lessons, but I did start working out with the kids (late in the year).

Not everything changed. The key, however, is a consistent reminder of the vision.

Every time you remind yourself of your vision, you are FAR more likely to put Einstein in charge and take ONE step in

the right direction. Over the course of the year your Einstein could take you a mile down the road to your vision!

So what are you waiting for….Visualize AND Remind.

There’s more to defeating our Monkeys, and there’s more to come. If you found this engaging, comment below.

Here’s to Successfully keeping our Monkeys at bay in 2018!

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