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The Greatest Packaging Design Tip Of All Time

We've all been there. We just met this person and it's turned into a TMI self-monologue. "Get me out-a here!"

Believe it or not, label and packaging design adhere to a similar relational principal. We want to know WHAT someone is about BEFORE we trust and talk about certain things.

Similarly, The biggest label design mistake is what I call LABEL CRAM - trying to convey every product benefit to the viewer all at once. Even with the greatest strategy for building buyer’s trust, one off-putting element can sabotage the entire selling enterprise….and this is a pretty big one.

Have you ever driven by a billboard and found yourself saying, “I have no idea what that thing is about”? Many times, it’s because the billboard design violates the same principle - way too much information all at once, which generates confusion.

Wait! Don’t I need to tell them all the reasons why my product is awesome???

The answer is, “yes….but…”

If you were to compile all of the sales material about a given product it would likely fill the space of one or two 8.5x11 sheets of paper.

All of that information IS valuable, yet all of it does NOT belong on the packaging.

The #1 Packaging Design Tip of All Time:

Focus your product message and strategically distribute all other compelling information elsewhere.

Some of it belongs on a webpage, some in a brochure and some on social media. Keep those compelling selling points - just build them in succession so the customer experience is much like a healthy friendship: bits of information over time. That’s how trust is earned.

You only have a split second to gain trust. Be concise and laser focused -- That’s one of the greatest ways to build buyer’s trust equity with your packaging design!

If you’d like to know more about how your next product design can be a success, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Here’s To Your Packaging and Label Design Success!

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