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The Simple Truth About Simple Logo Design

“I just want something simple” is one of the most common phrases I’ve heard over the past 15 years of designing logos and branding. I can totally understand why. The best logos are simple. Just a few lines, shapes and colors tell a story - a magnificent story. Think of it…a basic apple shape with a bite out of it…I mean, how simple can you get???? Isn’t it easy to make an apple like that? Yes. And no.

I’m reminded of the martial art, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, which I’ve practiced off and on over the past 10 years. BJJ is a defensive grappling art that forces the opponent to surrender (without striking). Some of the joint locks are so simple…I mean there’s nothing complicated about the fact that a brute, no matter how big, will be forced to surrender when his windpipe no longer functions! But how does an attacked 150-pound person force a 220-pound ape to submit? While simple, getting there requires a process of practice and skillful application. What does this have to do with logo design? I bet I could make that apple right now on my laptop in under 10 minutes. But how did Apple initially get to that “simple” conclusion? What steps were required?

Here’s the truth: Just because a logo is simple does not mean the process to get there is also simple, or easy.

Quality logo and branding design is a process of discovery, thought, problem solving and strategy. Type, shape and color are the tools. A skilled designer will employ them effectively to tell the most minimalistic story possible. The end-game is for the intended audience, your target market, to see the logo and immediately understand. Simplicity is largely why it works and saying a thousand words with a simple picture is certainly not easy.

The best logos are crazy simple and say so much, which is why they’re genius.

Happy Supplement Marketing!

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