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How to NOT Destroy The Logo Design Process

T or F? A good logo will be a reflection of the business owner’s unique personality and individual preferences.

Hold that thought… (and definitely scroll to the end for the hilarious Me Monster Youtube link!) 

Logo design is a crucial aspect of packaging design because it sets the tone for what graphical elements will be harmonious. The logo is a bit like a cornerstone upon which the packaging design is built…so we want to think carefully about telling a compelling packaging story with the logo. So, how does one go about designing an effective logo for optimum package design? 

Let’s talk about one way to NOT do it, because it is among the most common pitfalls. So back to the initial True or False question. 

There are exceptions, but, most of the time the clear answer is FALSE. 

But why?  

I must eat humble pie and admit that after years of helping clients see the light, I’ve made the same error with aspects Judah Creative Studio's promotion! It’s an easy ditch to fall into. If we like it, everyone else must like it, right? 

As it turns out, no. 

An effective logo design is not about the owner but about the potential customer.

For non-artistic / non-designer individuals, this can be especially problematic. Think about clothing for a second. Some people just have a knack for knowing what goes together, and some people don’t (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, that means you. Just kidding!) 

The same can be said for design.  Some "hideous" combinations may appeal to the owner, but this certainly does not automatically mean they will for the target audience. Another way of stating it, some things we like are about as attractive to our target market as a cinnamon roll to a meat-eating lion. 

If the target market is:

  •  Age 30-40

  •  Middle-class 

  • American 

  • Female

  • Mother

And the business owner is: 

  • Age 47

  • Upper-class

  • European

  • Male

  • Single

There will be a disparity of preferences!

One should not be asking, “Do I like this?” As much as they should be asking, “does my customer like this?”

In an ideal world, the logo WILL appeal to us also, but this is secondary to thinking about the target market FIRST.

Now that you know about this logo design pitfall, all of your packaging design woes are behind you! Take to the skies and have your designer create beautiful logos for your customers! 

As promised, here is a hilarious bit about the “Me-Monster”

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