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How To Easily Get that Simple Design that POPS! (1 of 8)

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Ever been caught just trying to achieve a simple design that POPS, but canʼt get there??? HOW can you make your next package design look fabulous when “good” design is subjective??? And since everyone has their own opinion, WHO should you listen to?

Believe it or not, the answers to these questions are far from subjective. In fact, even though I use a lot of “artsy” intuition, even this intuition adheres to very easy-to-understand DESIGN PRINCIPLES that deliver quality design again and again.

While training an up-and-coming designer these DESIGN PRINCIPLES recently, I realized how valuable the same information would be to you!

In the next few posts Iʼm going to walk you through the simple DESIGN PRINCIPLES that make the magic happen: SIMPLE, yet EFFECTIVE design.

Youʼll be able to not only identify WHY certain design works, but HOW to direct your designer to that envied, straightforward design that POPS! A firm grasp of these principles will also aid in deciphering WHO to listen to during the design process.

Hereʼs the best part. These principles are easy to remember with a smile... All you need to remember is CRAP + 3!



+ 3 simple concepts Iʼll disclose in the future.

Actually, the best part is Iʼm sharing everything Iʼve learned in 22 years of art and design distilled down to a handful of emails...all for FREE.

And so, every Thursday for the next while, expect the next bit of information on my blog (or check LinkedIn for the post). Youʼre welcome, and happy designs!

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