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Don't Skimp On This Highly Valuable Supplement Branding Asset

What is the front door to your Supplement? Where does that first impression come from? If you think about it, whatever it is holds a tremendous value to your supplement's success. The initial purchase, as well as brand loyalty and repeat business largely hinge on this brand asset. 

Since we’re talking about brand assets, let’s first define what we mean by “brand.” Lonny Kocia, CEO of Media Relations Agency defines a brand as, “the definition people hold in their minds of your company and the products (or services) it offers.” Your supplement brand is what people think your product is. Your brand assets are the resources that uphold this thinking…sort of like a tool kit for marketing.

Some brand assets are more valuable than others.

So what is the first way that you might influence perception? Think about it…whether it be on the shelf, on Amazon, or by personal recommendation your package design is the FIRST THING most potential customers see. Will that impression be, "Wow, this is really unique!" or even, "huh, that makes me curious..." OR is it the ambivalent, "Oh, maybe when I get around to it..."? 

It's almost unfair that all of your hard work and research developing your supplement is judged in .5 seconds, yet it's very true.

  • Google search: package design is the FIRST impression

  • In-store aisle search: package design is the FIRST impression

  • Recommended by a health professional: package design is the FIRST impression

  • Notice coworker taking product: package design is the FIRST impression. 

If they’re not intrigued, engaged or in some way impressed, forget about it! There’s only hundreds of other choices. In short, wait for it….

Package and label design matter. Big time!

You have a tremendous opportunity to shape how people think about your supplement with the package design.

The goal is to truly understand your target market so well that they can't help but be fascinated with the story told with your package design.  (read more about package design storytelling here)

So, if you’re going to cut corners, maybe print less brochures (or none at all!), but put the time and effort into developing the best label and package design possible. Your new supplement, with all the research and ingenuity behind it, deserves the best shot at really taking off!

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