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Does Your Supplement Label POP on an Amazon Search Page?

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

Amazon (groan…that’s what I keep hearing). So, how will your supplement stack up against the competition on an Amazon search page? How do you know the new label design’s going to “POP”? While I’m sure there are a handful of technical quantifiers, I’m going to share a quick, intuitive way to gauge it firsthand before product launch. It’s really pretty straightforward. 

We could philosophize all day about how moving things around or changing the color will help, but nothing beats just seeing your product on the ‘ole search page itself. 

Have your designer pump out a product mock-up with your newly-designed label on a supplement bottle (or box, shrink-wrap, etc.). 3D software is the best way to go because it “wraps” the label around and gives a good estimation of what it will look like on the actual packaging. (If you have a physical mock-up, set it next to a window where there's good lighting and take a snapshot).

Next, head over to Amazon and take a screenshot after searching for your product’s keywords. Open that screenshot in your favorite image editor and drop in your product mock-up - size accordingly.  (comment if you’d like a YouTube tutorial).

Voilà! Your new supplement packaging design on an Amazon search page.  Now…

When someone is searching for a product, you maybe get a split second of time.

In that viewing time, what does your supplement label design say? 

Be honest. At a glance, do you know what your product is all about? Does it catch your eye? Does it tell a story (read this blog post about label storytelling)? How does it stack up against your supplement competition? The answers to these questions will go a long way in helping to understand any needed design edits.

One of the best ways to help your supplement label design POP online is to make the primary message large enough to read when the product photo is small. This is also a testament to HOW MUCH information should be on the front of your label -- more on that later.  

Let's take this POP thing a step further. Any design elements that contrast your competition may give you that edge leading to another sale. What common colors are on that search page? What kind of packaging? What about the color of the bottles (if applicable)? Is there anything you can do that would visually distinguish your supplement packaging from the crowd? 

Yes, the look and feel of your supplement packaging is super important. But believe me, it’s possible to have a great look nailed and yet completely miss these key factors for a strong online promotion. For Amazon, your label should look great AND “read” when the photo is small AND visually stand out from the crowd. Take this quick measuring tool for a spin and let me know how it goes.

Happy Supplement Sales on Amazon!

Soli Deo Gloria

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