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Avoid this Product Launch Pitfall

When launching new products or services, setting and achieving goals rock! However, some find themselves losing ground, going the OPPOSITE direction of the goal! Why?

Reality demonstrates that we will not always achieve our goals. “But, but…that’s not what the movies say!”

Yes, you heard me right. It’s going to happen. Facing the possibility of this reality is better than ignoring it. Herein lies the pitfall — A missed goal takes us by surprise, then The regret of a perceived failure takes us by storm.

As you put your Einstein in charge (Click here for an Einstein vs. Monkey refresher) - be aware of this pitfall! I very intentionally used the word “perceived.” If we become convinced in our own minds that we’ve failed, soon this way of thinking drains whatever energy is left.

The irony is this pitfall turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy. “You see, I told you I’m a failure!” And now, instead of aiming at the goal, trying to reach the goal, we turn around and go the other way, thus fulfilling our failure!

Did you miss today’s self imposed deadline? No problem. Adjust, adapt, pick up where you left off. Determine now that you will complete tomorrow’s. Did you miss yesterday's? It’s totally ok. You can do it today.

One of my favorite lines from a children’s movie is from “Meet the Robertsons”

“Keep moving forward.”

This line contains some of the special sauce to lasting success.

No matter what happens, today still holds the potential to get where we want to go.

Read that again:

No matter what happens, today still holds the potential to get where we want to go.

Perhaps we’ve not only missed small goals, but really big ones, such as an entire product launch going South. I believe the same principal applies. What we learn in the midst of these “failures” goes a LONG way the next time. Did you know I failed my first business attempt? Yes, it was a disaster, and I lost our little nest egg at the time. The irony is that all of the business principals I learned in that “failure” positioned me to skyrocket when the time came to start my own Graphic Design business.

When we miss a goal, it’s ok. That doesn’t determine the future or define who we are. Be aware of the pitfall and know there is ALWAYS the potential for a better tomorrow!

“Keep moving forward!”

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