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How to Get Killer Product Photography

So your new packaging design rocks, but what if you end up with lack-luster product photography? 

Without a doubt, this is one of the most important aspects of marketing and yet it is often one of the most overlooked in dietary supplements. Why?

Since we all carry a digital camera in our pocket, the assumption is that it’s “easy” to pick up a nice camera, take a few shots and be on our way. 

The truth? I am often shocked at how many times I see product photography from a “huge” supplement entity with inconsistent lighting, positioning, exposure, focal length, etc. While it’s true one can pick up a nice camera, fine-tuning these elements for excellent, consistent photography is another story. 

This is why I recommend digital imaging from a 3D program for bottles, pouches, glass, stick packs and pretty much any packaging (AKA 3D Renders). 

The results are nearly perfect and can look absolutely real. There are many, many reasons why computer-generated product photography is superior to traditional photography (such as cost), but for now I’d like to point out one giant reason. 

Let’s say you hire a professional photographer. Yes, that line may look great. But what about existing products? They now have a different photographic “look” and must be re-photographed. And what about future SKU’s? The EXACT photo set must be reproduced, where the tripod, lights, focal length and exposure settings are precisely as they were before. Photographers have thought about this, but what if you can’t get the same photographer? More than likely, even if those photos are great, they will be inconsistent when compared to the previous shoot. 

Compare that to 3D renders. The computer program saves all of those settings EXACTLY as they were so future products are easily produced to appear as if they were shot on the same day! Computer-generated photos are consistently awesome (see examples). 

This means, any company of any size can have KILLER product photography affordably! Thank you, 3D Renders!

There are many additional reasons and many options for 3D renders. If you’d like to learn more, I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Supplement Marketing!

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