Does your Packaging Design Rock?

Judah's here to make it so!


Get strategically targeted, award-winning label design that's sure to impress! Judah's never out of fresh design ideas.


Computer generated means fast! Get pixel perfect, high resolution product photos for web, print or giant trade show banners!


Get true industry experience. Judah's designed Natural Health Food, Supplement and Ingredient graphics since 2006.


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Healthy Origins Label Logo.png
Taiyo Ingredient Logo
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Bayer Logo
NutriScience Logo.png
Twinlab logo
Stratum Nutrition Logo
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Kaneka Nutrients Logo
High Plains Bison Logo
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Lewis, MO

I love it Judah! I get the same feeling when I receive your work as when I get my Jag out of the shop and it is running perfectly. I sit back, relax, and grip the steering wheel to enjoy the feel of the acceleration as the petal lowers to the floor. Vrooom! Pure happiness! Well that's how I feel about the logo, Ha!

“From logos to labels to packaging, Judah is definitely The Design Ninja; fast, precise and always delivering more than we expect, but never less than absolute perfection.”

Stuart, CA

“Holy -#$%! This is pure genius!”

Brett, IL

“Judah has done a phenomenal job; he works quickly, listens to feedback and always produces beautiful work”

Kristin, IL

“Judah developed consistent elements which complimented each other resulting in a harmonious portfolio”

Kathy, CO

“I am going through the launch kit and am blown away! We are going to take the market by storm!”

Ron, MO

Finding Judah was a lifesaver!  He took very rough concepts and turned them into a beautiful work of art.  We absolutely love our booth and will use Judah on all future projects.

Amy, TX

“You're a fantastic designer and I really appreciate your responsiveness and hard work.”

Jonathan, TX

“You always create solutions that are visually appealing and effectively communicate the marketing message”

April, MO

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